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C/B Progress Carrier 3



Place Built:                                   Singapore

Rebuilt:                                        2000

Port of Registry:                          Cebu, Philippines

Type of Vessel:                            50T Crane Barge

Hull Material:                               Steel

    Length                                    36.58 M
    Breadth                                  15.24 M
    Depth                                       3.66 M
    Draft                                         0.80 M


Deck Cargo Space:                    270 SQM

Cargo Capacity:                        1,200 Tons

Fresh Water Tank Capacity:          40 Tons

    Rating                                   50 Tonner Crawler
    May Boom Length                35.00 M
    Brand                                    Linkbelt LS-118RH III
    Engine                                  Nissan PD 604

Propulsion System:                  Twin Screw

Anchor / Anchor Cable(Aft):     2 x 800 KGS
                                   (Fwd):    2 x 1500 KGS
                                                 3/4" Diameter x 750 Feet/Drum

Anchor Winch:                          Motor Driven

                                                 2 Units at 2 Drums/Unit

    Brand                                    Denyo
    Engine                                  Hino DS70
    Rating                                  70 KVA
    Consumption:                      9 Liters/Hour



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