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Shipping Services

SNI is a leader in the water transportation industry.  By applying smart business tools, listening to our mariners and customers, and working with dependable equipment, we achieve maximum productivity in transporting cargo throughout the Southeast Asian region.


SNI has been a quality marine transporter in the Philippine inland waterways since 1986. It started out as a small, family-owned business and growing into what we are today: one of the largest bulk  cargo carrier in the region. Our robust LCT fleet provides the capability of delivering your products anywhere along the archipelago. Products handled includes coal, cement clinker, iron ore, metals, sand & gravel, heavy equipments, and  construction materials. While our business is primarily in the Philippines. SNI performs operations all throughout the ASEAN region.

SNI also operates sea-worthy tug boats. We offer local tug service in and around the Southeast Asian region, maintaining a strong general presence in the Philippine islands in particular.

SNI also operates support vessels, crane barges and deck barges to complement offshore construction needs such as sea ports, lighthouse, shipyards and land reclamation projects.

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