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Ship Repair

A few hundred major vessels have been serviced in the past 30 years: LCT, Tug boats, oil tankers, chemical tankers, , ferries, container vessels. A long term collaboration with the Maritime Industry Authority and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and industry will ensure the continuation of shiprepair and shipbuilding activities by Santiago Shipyard, fitting perfectly well into the long term business strategy of the group.


SSSC specializes in commercial ship repair with special interest in Tug boats,  Landing Craft Transport (LCT), Barges , Tanker barges,

Fast craft (Catamaran) vessels, Ferries, Roll-on Roll off (RoRo) vessels and Fishing boats.


SSSC is one of the leading contractors of the Philippine Navy. Our services for defense includes ship repair, armormed plating, offshore solutions, as well as installation of radar systems, arnaments & sensors, water purification system, AC/heating system,  power generators & high speed marine engine. The company is also involved in servicing other coastal patrol vessels in the region including coast guard vessels.


In the energy business, SSSC services power barges operated by the National Power Corporation, oil & petroleum tanker barges and chemical tanker barges.

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