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M/T Cheyenne




Type of Service:                           Towing / Salvage
Port of Registry:                          Manila, Philippines
Builder:                                        Mitsubishi Shipyard, Japan
Hull Material:                               Steel
    Length                                    29.76 M
    Breadth                                    8.60 M
    Depth                                       3.80 M
    Draft                                         3.00 M (Loaded)

Propulsion System:                    Twin Screw
Bollard Pull:                                36 Tons
Auxillary Engine:                          2 Gensets


Navigational Equipments:

Furuno Radar 1930, Magnetic Compass, SSB Icom M-710/VHF Motorola Triton II, Public Address Kolin KPA150 Address, Remote Bridge Controls

Anchor and Chain:                    2 x 330 KG 25 MM Diameter at 5 shackles ea. 
                                                 Fitted with Kort Nozzles 
Fuel Tank Capacity:                  43 Tons
Fresh Water Tank Capacity:     51 Tons
Lub Oil Tank Capacity:                5 Tons
Foam Tank Capacity #1:        13.7 Tons
                                 #2:        15.3 Tons
Accomodation 10 Persons

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